Hi! I’m Raphael, a product designer in love with
clear, fast and beautiful web applications and
creating products that have a measurable impact.

About me

In 2014, I found my passion to build tools to solve real and interesting problems. Since then, I created all kinds of digital products as a freelancer as well as in amazing teams: High converting websites, social networks or data-heavy marketing tools with over a million users. I love great challenges, working hands-on in the code from time to time, but also just advising awesome startups regarding UX, user research or conversion.

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I've helped these amazing companies build up their digital identity and increase user engagement or conversion.

From the blog

I love helping others, so I started sharing my design journey in 2018. I was lucky enough to be featured in a broad number of publications like Webdesigner News, Sketchrepo, Designer News, Webdesigner Depot or Heydesigner and reached over 300.000 people with my content.

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Let’s build something awesome.

Whether you want to build something great together or just have a coffee. I'm always open to meeting with like minded people, just contact me.

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