Hi! I’m Raphael, a product designer from Munich. I try to create things that solve real problems and are a joy to use.


Feedback management and changelog for Linear

Know for which user segment you build a feature. Engage them with a changelog that writes itself, generated from your issues.

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Redesigning Coinkit

In 2021 I redesigned the app, which is used by 400.000+ people in developing countries to send and retrieve money.

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Enabling organizations to make full use of their capabilities

New startup with the co-founders of Freeletics to automate L&D processes. Designed the tool & website.

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Building a financial operating system for SMEs

I co-founded finway in 2019/20 to make financial processes in SMEs as simple and intuitive as they should be in a digital world.

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Making the web faster and more accessible at Ryte

I've led the design at Ryte, a Munich B2B SaaS startup, during its journey from 250.000 to 1.000.000 users. I redesigned the software, build up a design system and introduced a user research process.

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Reviving the entrepreneurship club START Munich

I took over START Munich in 2018, when there where around 5 active members and engagement was decreasing. After I made some changes in the strategy and branding of the club, we got more and more applicants and today it's the largest student entrepreneurship club in Germany with 200 active members and on avg. 250 applicants per semester.

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Other Projects