Hi! I’m Raphael, co-founder of Productlane.
Since 2014, I design enjoyable products for high growth startups and millions of users.
Raised $825.000


Helping companies build truly great software

Founding Productlane since end of 2021. We're on a mission to create a new standard for product discovery.

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Raised $12.000.000


Co-founding the financial operating system for SMEs

I co-founded finway in 2019 to make financial processes in SMEs as simple and intuitive as they should be in a digital world.

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4M$ funding, exit to Deel


Designing the Employee Enablement Platform

As founding designer I layed the product foundations for Zavvy, an HR startup from the founders of Freeletics.

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Raised $13.400.000


Making the web faster and more accessible at Ryte

I've led the design at Ryte, a Munich B2B SaaS startup, during its journey from 250.000 to 1.000.000 users. I redesigned the software, build up a design system and introduced a user research process.

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Raised $10.200.000


Redesigning Creandum-backed Procuros' website

I redesigned the website of Procuros, which has the mission to create a new standard for B2B transactions. Also helped with redesigning their tool.

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Used by 400.000+ people


Redesigning Coinkit

In 2021 I redesigned the app, which is used by 400.000+ people in developing countries to send and retrieve money.

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Other Projects