The UX Design Checklist

Article posted on
July 26, 2018

At Ryte, we constantly test all kinds of UX best practice including processes, design feedback, prototyping and many other things. We try to figure out what’s just a fad and what really moves the needle.

Over time we put together a sophisticated UX guide with all of our learnings that should have helped our growing design team build better products. After a while, we realized that no one was following that guide. It was somewhere hidden in the back corners of confluence, already starting to get dusty.

Luckily we figured out the problem: The guide was too extensive to be implemented into our regular design process. We made a bold move and cut it down to a single A4 page.

The result was a simple checklist with no more than 8 items. And it worked. Today we look at the list at the beginning of a new project and check every item until the design is in production and starts breathing. Sharing is caring, so we want to make it publicly available today. Go, print it out and level up your design process!

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